US approves $2.5 billion sale of biofuels to Mexico

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto has approved a $2 billion sale to US biofuel maker Cargill of the controversial biofuel, the first time a Mexican president has granted permission for the sale of such a product.┬áCargill said on Wednesday the deal would give the Mexican government $1.7 billion to buy biofuel from the United States.┬áThe deal, which will go into […]

Why a new floor cleaner is essential

The latest in cleaning and air quality standards from the Federal Government’s Clean Australia initiative has been designed to tackle the issue of air pollution in Australia.Key points:New pollution standards were introduced in March 2016, aimed at cutting the number of car accidents and pollution-related illnesses and deaths across Australia.The Clean Australia rules, introduced in 2017, aim to reduce car […]