A new rule could shut down the cleaning business in a couple of states, according to the New York Times

2/8 The American Cleaning Association has released a new set of rules aimed at curbing a resurgence of the practice of roof cleaning.The rules, which were made available this week, will require contractors who work in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut to provide a copy of the permit for each floor, according the Associated Press.A permit will be […]

House cleaning services get a boost as House Speaker Ryan’s $500M budget proposal passes Congress

In a dramatic reversal of his own stance, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.)2018 budget proposal is poised to pass Congress with $500 million in additional federal spending to help clean houses.That includes $500,000 for cleaning services to help rid the Capitol of toxic waste.The money would be used to buy up cleaning materials, equipment and supplies that the Capitol’s custodians […]

How to find the best house cleaning company

The first thing you need to know is that most of the cleaning caddy companies out there are very good at what they do.There are only a few companies that you can trust to actually do their job properly.The next thing you should know is what they charge.Let’s take a look at what each of the house cleaning companies charges.The […]

How to get your home cleaned from outside

Irish people can use their backyard to get their home clean, from the dirt to the roof.A new home cleaner service, Foghorn Clean, is launching a 24-hour service in the city.Foghorns have been used in the UK for years, but they are not available to Irish people.The new service is being launched at the home of a Cork man who […]