Which toilet cleaner is best for a shower?

Cleaning authority ClrCleaner.com has published an infographic comparing toilet cleaners to their respective brands, the AC Coil cleaner.It looks at how each of the three different brands performs and the difference between the cleaning methods.ClrCleaners AC Coil Cleaner is the most commonly used cleaner, accounting for more than one-quarter of the market.In comparison, the Bath and Body Works AquaCone Cleaner […]

Why you shouldn’t throw out your old carpet cleaner

A cleaner who throws out the carpet after it’s been cleaned may be harming the environment by polluting the environment with its pollutants, according to a study released this week.Cleaners have long been suspected of dumping toxic chemicals into the air, but new research by a team of environmental scientists suggests it’s more likely that a cleaner has a more […]