How to use a cordless vacuuming machine for cleaning iron in an area rug

A cordless cleaning machine can do the job of an electric vacuums and, thanks to the design, can be used to clean iron, a type of metal, from carpets, linoleum and other surfaces.The cordless model can also clean carpets from outside and inside, according to the company’s website.It is a relatively inexpensive machine, costing around $150.The machine can be purchased […]

How to clean cast iron in your kitchen

The best way to clean your kitchen is to use it.There’s a reason why a lot of our kitchens have been around for decades, and there’s also a reason for why it’s hard to get your hands on new cast iron.While some of us don’t have the patience or budget for a new grill, many others find themselves wanting to […]

“We’re all going to die”: It takes all the right ingredients to make a great vacuum cleaner

A new vacuum cleaner has hit the market and it’s not for the faint of heart.The Sport Bible, a compact, lightweight, energy-efficient electric vacuum cleaner with a 1,000-watt bulb, has just launched on, and it has all the ingredients you need to make your life a little cleaner.First, it’s designed to run on electricity.That means no more waiting for […]