What is carpet cleaner?

Hardwood floor cleaners are a common fixture in homes and are widely used as carpet cleaning agents.There are several types of carpet cleaners and each has different cleaning and air cleaning properties.This article will examine the three most common types of carpets cleaners and their cleaning properties, and will then provide tips and tricks for using them.The three most popular […]

How you can save $100 on carpet cleaning from Home Depot

The Home Depot is offering a discount on carpet cleaners and cleaning supplies for renters in need.Housing costs are climbing and rents are going up, so the company is looking for renters who can spend less on home repairs, and for the average rental to save money.HDP is offering $100 off carpet cleaners, cleaning supplies, and cleaning products.This is the […]

When will the Champions League finally kick off?

The Champions League is back in the news again after the last one ended in May, but it’s been a long time coming. With the Europa League still to come, this has been a tough month for the sport, but the tournament is in many ways still one of the most successful sporting competitions in Europe. There were some notable upsets during […]

Why is the car washing machine so expensive?

By now you have probably noticed that you pay a lot more for car wash machines than you would for an average carpet cleaner, but that is not the only reason for the difference.According to research by Business Insider, the cost of the most common cleaners used to be $2,800 to $2.8k, but has been reduced to $1,900 to $3,000.This […]

Steam Cleaner Rentals: New York City’s newest carpet cleaner is here to clean the floors

New York, NY — A new carpet cleaner named TheCarpetCure is the newest addition to the Steam Cleaners family, with a new, larger size.TheCepetCancerer’s small size and small price tag mean it will be available for rent starting today.TheCarpetsCure was developed by Steam Cleaning in partnership with the company’s sister company, TheCordless.It’s called the “steam cleaner” for a reason, as […]