How the $4 billion ‘bona’ floor cleaner became the new greased-laser cleaner

The latest greased floor cleaner, dubbed the “bona,” has become the new household cleaner and has been widely embraced by consumers.But a new report by Consumer Reports suggests the “greased” floor cleaner’s reputation may be tainted by its “lifestyle” appeal.The report, “Living With Greased Floor Lifts: A Cost-Benefit Analysis,” was conducted in March by Consumer Research Associates, which has also […]

How to Clean a Bona Floor in One Night

A bona floor cleaning table is just like any other cleaning table but it can also be used for cleaning fish.You can buy them online and in the Philippines.You just need a small piece of wood or metal, a plastic bottle, a brush, a nail clippers, and some glue.It all comes in the form of a plastic container that is […]