Woman sues over ‘shower cleaning spray’

Woman sues over ‘shower cleaning spray’

A suburban Illinois woman is suing a home health care company after she claims the product can “cause burns” and “causes other serious health issues” to her.

The complaint filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court alleges that the “shower cleaners spray” is “a mixture of chemical cleaners and solvents” that are “made from petroleum.”

The chemical cleaners are a mix of chemicals, which are made from petroleum, and solids, which is made from water.

The chemicals are not allowed to be sold, and they’re not allowed in commercial facilities.

The chemicals are also not permitted in homes, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit also says the home health-care provider that provided the spray, which has been called the “Vacuum Cleaner Spray,” did not provide a “clearly and transparently written product instruction manual or instructional materials,” as required by the Clean Air Act, or “a clear description of the risks, effects and safety precautions, warnings, precautions, and instructions for use.”

The lawsuit was filed by a former customer of the spray who is seeking $1 million in damages.

The company is not the only one to face complaints over the “bathroom cleaner” spray.

Last month, a woman in Michigan filed a lawsuit against a home care company over the product.

The woman alleges that her “shampoo-soaked” hair was stained with a “strong, green, chemical residue” after the shampoo spray came into contact with her hair.

The woman also alleges that “the chemicals are dangerous to her lungs and other organs.”

The company has since released a statement that the products have “been removed from use” and that the company is “committed to eliminating any and all chemicals in our products.”

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