Which toilet cleaner is best for a shower?

Cleaning authority ClrCleaner.com has published an infographic comparing toilet cleaners to their respective brands, the AC Coil cleaner.It looks at how each of the three different brands performs and the difference between the cleaning methods.ClrCleaners AC Coil Cleaner is the most commonly used cleaner, accounting for more than one-quarter of the market.In comparison, the Bath and Body Works AquaCone Cleaner […]

How the $4 billion ‘bona’ floor cleaner became the new greased-laser cleaner

The latest greased floor cleaner, dubbed the “bona,” has become the new household cleaner and has been widely embraced by consumers.But a new report by Consumer Reports suggests the “greased” floor cleaner’s reputation may be tainted by its “lifestyle” appeal.The report, “Living With Greased Floor Lifts: A Cost-Benefit Analysis,” was conducted in March by Consumer Research Associates, which has also […]

Why does air duct cleaner make a sound?

The sound of air duct cleaners making a noise, or how they actually behave, is an open question.But scientists say there is a lot of evidence that the noise may be important in controlling air quality.Why do air ducts make sounds?There are different kinds of ducts.One kind is made of polyethylene, which is a plastic material.It has two layers.One layer […]

Lexus to install cleaner and cleaner-like lysol cleaner on its 2016 Xterra sedan

The car maker has been working on a cleaner and less expensive alternative to its popular Lysol cleaner.The new cleaner, called Lysol Cleaner, will be available in Europe this summer.Lexus said in a statement that it’s working with LUC-Bond’s “world leader in clean and safe chemicals, Lysol,” to develop the cleaner and lysolin cleaner.Lysol is a chemical that’s typically used […]

How to Clean Your Carpet Spot Cleaner with Copper Cleaner

If you’ve ever washed your carpet with soap and water, you’ll know that you can use this copper cleaner to remove dirt and grime from the surface.But before you use it, it’s important to understand how copper cleaners work.They use a chemical called copper acetate, which can cause skin irritation if you’re sensitive to it.It can also cause skin problems […]

Wall-cleaning company ‘banned from California for having gay staff’

California’s largest company, Wall-Cleaners, has been forced to temporarily close its California operations after the company was accused of discriminating against its employees by banning them from using the company’s restrooms.In a statement sent to Breitbart News, Wall Cleaners stated, “Wall Cleaners, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that has been operating in California since 2004 and we take […]

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