Lexus to install cleaner and cleaner-like lysol cleaner on its 2016 Xterra sedan

Lexus to install cleaner and cleaner-like lysol cleaner on its 2016 Xterra sedan

The car maker has been working on a cleaner and less expensive alternative to its popular Lysol cleaner.

The new cleaner, called Lysol Cleaner, will be available in Europe this summer.

Lexus said in a statement that it’s working with LUC-Bond’s “world leader in clean and safe chemicals, Lysol,” to develop the cleaner and lysolin cleaner.

Lysol is a chemical that’s typically used to disinfect or treat the surfaces of cars.

Lysol was developed as an alternative to lye to remove odors from cars.

Lexuses new cleaner comes on the heels of a recall in late November that included 1.3 million defective Lexus sedans, affecting about 1.2 million people worldwide.

It’s the first time Lexus has recalled a car over the past decade, and it comes amid mounting concern about lysotrien contamination in its vehicles.

Luxury brands are scrambling to combat lysothere, a dangerous form of lysolyl fluoride that can cause serious health problems.

Lexus, BMW, Audi and Porsche all announced they’d stop selling their cars with lysothre, and Mercedes-Benz last month stopped selling its X5 luxury sedan, the CLS, with the additive.

Lexys chief product officer Michael McGlone said the company is working to develop a cleaner that is less toxic and more environmentally friendly, and that it plans to offer it in Europe.

McGlone told CNN that the company expects to have the cleaner on the market by the end of 2018.

The new cleaner will be a mix of lye and Lysol.

Lexys is making a new type of cleaner for the cleaner category, which is currently dominated by Lysol, which was developed by LUC, and lye.

The lye is a less toxic solvent and is used in a number of products, including cleaning products.

The Lexus brand has seen strong demand for its cleaners and cleaner products, particularly among consumers looking for the latest technology, McGlones company said.

Lysolyls production has dropped significantly, Mcglones said, in part due to government restrictions on lye manufacturing.

McGlones said the new cleaner would be available to Lexus dealers in Europe in August.

The company said the cleaner is not yet available to consumers in the United States, where it will cost a bit more.LYSOL LAYOUTLexus has partnered with LOUD-X, a German company that specializes in cleaning, to develop and produce the cleaner.

Lexuses spokesman Michael Kappel told CNN the company has a strong relationship with LUDAC, a company that manufactures lye-based cleaning products, and said the LOUDS-X brand will likely be the first to offer the cleaner in Europe, and to be sold in the U.S.

Lexx has been testing the new lysole cleaner in the Xterras engine bay, but the company plans to test it on a variety of vehicles.

Lexis also has partnered up with LUNOX, a startup company, to sell a cleaner called LUNOSUL for the same price as the Lexus cleaner, which will be sold separately.

Lexy has partnered to sell the cleaner separately, and its website says it is available in the US and Canada.

Lexies chief product manager, Michael Mcglone, said that Lexus will offer a range of different cleaning products in Europe as part of its new product offering.

He said Lexis would like to have a cleaner available in Germany in 2018, which means that LUC would be able to develop it.

“We are working with Lexus on developing this new cleaner,” McGloney said.

“We hope that the cleaner will come to the U, where we have strong relationships with our suppliers, and then in the European market, where Lexus can sell its lye cleaner for a much lower price.”

“If we don’t have the lye available for a cleaner in 2018 for the XTERRA, we would not be able [to offer this cleaner],” McGloone added.

Lexus and LUC declined to comment.

Lexes new cleaner uses lysosulfate as the solvent, but Lexys also plans to use lysulfoethane in the future, McGLoones company added.

The cleaner is expected to be available for purchase later this summer, but McGlonys company said it has not received orders for the product.

McGLoone said Lexus plans to market its lysyl cleaner in European markets.

The cleaner is also available in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates, he said.

The lysoil chemical is a solvent and cleaning agent that is typically used in household products and industrial cleaning, including fabric cleaning, and has a wide variety of applications in manufacturing.

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