Which is better: Zermatic or an inkjet cleaner?

Which is better: Zermatic or an inkjet cleaner?

On Thursday, a Mumbai court sentenced a woman to 15 years in jail for allegedly cheating two men out of money, claiming she had not been paid a cent for cleaning their toilets.

The trial, which was originally scheduled for March, had been delayed for more than a year after the woman’s husband filed a police complaint against her in February this year.

The case was registered against the woman, who was identified as Anjali, by the husband of another man, who also lives in the same house.

Anjala had allegedly spent over a lakhs of rupees to clean the toilets of the other man, but the court refused to give her any money as the alleged victim was too scared to pursue the case.

Anshali was given a 10-year jail term on the charge of cheating the other husband.

Anjali was arrested from the home of the accused after the court imposed the jail term.

According to the FIR, Anjalipa had allegedly cheated her husband out of Rs 2 lakh by claiming that the toilets were not being cleaned and thus had to be washed twice daily.

The court said that while the accused had claimed that she had paid the other mans money, she had done so only after the other accused gave her a loan of Rs 500 to clean his own house.

Anshali’s lawyer told reporters that she was shocked and shocked to hear about the jail sentence and that her client was “very angry”.

Anjilas mother had been living in a different house with the accused husband and had not received any money.

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