Gutter cleaners: The dirty little secrets of their customers’ messy homes

Gutter cleaners: The dirty little secrets of their customers’ messy homes

A new study finds that when the people in your household are messy, you’re probably also messy yourself.

But it’s not the way you should be cleaning your home that’s a problem, it’s the way your house is made that’s the problem.

The researchers looked at a survey of 1,000 UK residents between 2009 and 2013.

The survey asked respondents whether they were cleaning their house in accordance with a cleaning plan, or not.

The results showed that the majority of respondents did not follow a cleaning schedule, which is to say, they cleaned their homes every week or every other week.

In other words, they were just cleaning, which meant that the cleaner they were, the more time they spent cleaning, the less time they took off to tidy up.

This is probably unsurprising, because they were not cleaning in the most ideal way.

If you’re cleaning your house with a broom and a brush, you might as well be using a vacuum cleaner.

The cleaner you are, the cleaner you use.

In other words: cleaning in a vacuum will only work if you’re not messy yourself, and the cleaner that you use, the easier it is to keep up with your cleaning schedule.

So, why do people do it?

A cleaner’s job is to remove dust, dirt and other debris from your house.

You may not like the idea of cleaning your messy house, but this is a necessary part of your home’s upkeep.

In the first place, the goal of cleaning is to make your home less messy, not more.

So the more you clean, the happier you will be with your home.

If it feels messy, it’ll be messy anyway, and it’s going to be harder to get rid of when you’re doing it, so the less work you have to do, the better.

But it’s actually the cleaning that’s messy, rather than the cleaning itself that is the problem, according to researchers from the University of Sussex.

The team wanted to find out if the people who clean their houses are actually more messy than they are clean themselves.

So they looked at how often the people were cleaning each other’s houses, and how often they cleaned the same home.

The results showed a clear correlation between how often people cleaned each others houses, but not how much cleaning time each household took.

In short, cleaning time was linked with how messy the house was, and people who cleaned their own homes did a much better job cleaning their own houses than those who didn’t.

But what’s more surprising was that the people cleaning the house they were in did actually take more time than the people they were with, which was surprising.

“The main explanation for the apparent discrepancy between the way people cleaned and the way they cleaned was that, in general, they did a better job at cleaning themselves,” says study co-author and PhD student, Sarah Kew, who also holds a PhD in architecture and urban planning.

“What that means is that cleaning their home was a much more time-consuming process for them, because there was less time to clean other places in their house.”

So, what could be causing the discrepancy between how much time it takes and how clean you actually are?

It’s not just that people who are clean are more productive, it is that they clean a lot more, and therefore they’re doing a lot of cleaning themselves.

“Our research showed that people tended to spend more time cleaning themselves than cleaning other people,” says Kew.

“In the UK, about half of the cleaning we do is in the home we live in, so it’s clear that cleaning is a much bigger part of the process.”

“So, if you think about it, you could say cleaning is actually a process that you are a part of, and you are responsible for cleaning the home you live in.”

So it’s your house, not a stranger’s, that’s your problem?

Not really.

It’s likely that you’re just cleaning in accordance to your cleaning plan.

That means that the more often you do it, the harder it will be to do the work, which makes it harder for you to keep clean.

“A cleaner should be doing all the work when he/she is cleaning your property,” says research lead author and assistant professor of architecture, Adrian Grieve, “and the more frequently you do the cleaning, in terms of time spent cleaning and cleaning the property, the worse the quality of the home is.”

“It’s likely, therefore, that the person who cleans the house he/ she lives in is actually cleaning the same house that you live with, and thus cleaning is an activity that you engage in frequently.”

And as long as you don’t get distracted by the fact that you have a messy house yourself, you can probably do a much, much better cleaning.

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