How to Clean a Bona Floor in One Night

How to Clean a Bona Floor in One Night

A bona floor cleaning table is just like any other cleaning table but it can also be used for cleaning fish.

You can buy them online and in the Philippines.

You just need a small piece of wood or metal, a plastic bottle, a brush, a nail clippers, and some glue.

It all comes in the form of a plastic container that is held in place by a nail.

It comes with the same plastic sheet as the plastic floor cleaning tables in the United States.

Here’s how to make it.

Bona floor cleaners are very common in the Filipino community.

They are made by making bamboo or bamboo wood and using some sort of glue to hold it together.

They’re also known as bonapolice.

They can be bought online or in the local market.

Here are some tips on how to clean them: Use a clean brush to apply the glue.

This can be a cotton ball or plastic bottle.

Be careful not to rub the glue all over the floor, because the glue will be removed from the wood and start to stain the floor.

If you need to apply it more than once, you can leave the glue on for about 15 minutes to let the glue dry.

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