The Best Products for the Body in 2017

The Best Products for the Body in 2017

The Best Brands for Cosmetics in 2017.

A new category, Beauty, has just been added to the list.

For the first time, Beauty is now the second most searched-for category in the U.S. for Beauty products.

In fact, the Beauty category saw a 4% increase in searches this year, and Beauty now has more searches than the top three Beauty brands combined, including Sephora, Ulta, and Clinique.

The Beauty category is now up 2% in search volume over last year, according to Google.

Beauty has also become the most searched brand for cosmetic products. 

This is all great news for beauty lovers everywhere.

Beauty is the best. 

In 2017, beauty was the #1 brand for the first straight year, but there’s more good news for Beauty lovers this year. 

Beauty is a growing category, with new Beauty brands and products coming out every day. 

The Beauty category will be a big part of beauty history in the future. 

We’re excited to be adding beauty to our product discovery tools and offering Beauty products to consumers on

We are thrilled to see Beauty continue to be one of the most sought-after brands and we look forward to continuing to grow the Beauty brand for years to come.

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