New products could reduce the risk of catching MRSA from shoe cleaning

New products could reduce the risk of catching MRSA from shoe cleaning

By Michael W. McAllisterPublished Nov 18, 2016 09:54:03It’s the newest shoe cleaning kits that can help prevent the spread of MRSA.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MRSA can be spread by touching shoes or surfaces contaminated with the bacteria.

“The more often you have to clean shoes, the more likely it is you will get MRSA,” said Dr. Mark M. Wojcicki, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Control in Atlanta.

“We know that people have a higher incidence of infection when they have shoes on, especially if they have dirty shoes or if they wear shoes that don’t have a cleaning surface.”

Wojciki is one of several medical professionals in the US who have developed new products that use antimicrobial agents to treat shoes.

One of the new products, which is called the Mr. Muddy, uses a small amount of a chemical to kill MRSA bacteria, while another, called the Laundry Cleaner, uses chemicals that can kill bacteria that are present on surfaces contaminated by MRSA, including shoes.

“A lot of the times you’ll find MRSA in shoes that you don’t wash, but that’s not the only place that MRSA is going to be found,” said Wojchiki.

“I don’t know that the current antimicrobial solutions are going to work in every situation, but if you have shoes that are clean, and you have a clean surface, then you might be able to use it.”

Wujcickie said he has seen cases of MRSE in shoes he cleans in hospitals and in the community.

“You might get MRSE that’s in the feet of your foot, but it’s not in your shoes,” he said.

“But when you get MRS in your feet, it’s usually in the toes, and it can cause problems with foot infections.”

If you get a MRSA infection in your toes, you’ll need to go to the doctor, and that could be anywhere from a week to a month,” Wojcziki said.

He said a simple test of a shoe’s surfaces could be used to determine if it has MRSA or other bacteria.

He noted that people often try to clean their shoes with alcohol, rubbing alcohol or vinegar, but they can also be contaminated with MRSA-causing bacteria.

Wojczicke recommends washing your shoes with soap and water.

If they don’t smell of alcohol, Wojcik is more likely to wash them with soap, too.

He also suggests putting the shoe in a bucket of cold water and scrubbing it, then throwing it in a dryer.”

Just scrubbing the surface will kill the MRSA and will kill it if you don�t do that,” he explained.”

Also, if you do wash your shoes, you can clean them with alcohol or a solution of bleach.

“Even if you clean the surface, you still have a lot of bacteria there,” Wajczikie said.

When it comes to the other items in the shoe cleaning product line, he said, “I wouldn’t use a bucket or a vacuum cleaner, just take your shoes to the dryer and dry them.”

If you or someone you know is diagnosed with MRSE, Wajcikie recommends that you contact your doctor.

“It’s important to tell them that you are getting MRSA because it could have caused a new infection,” he advised.

“People should always get tested for MRSA when they get MRDA, and even if you get it in your mouth, it shouldn’t cause any problems, so I wouldn’t go out in public if I have MRSA.”

The CDC said that it’s also trying to get MRPA products onto the market to treat people who have MRSE and other infections.

The agency is also developing a new MRSA test, which would be used in clinics, hospitals and other settings.

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