How to clean and retain your bathtub

How to clean and retain your bathtub

Cleaning the bathtub and bathroom has become more complicated as technology and home remedies have improved.

While some are using technology to eliminate odors and create cleaner, it can also lead to a nasty reaction from bacteria.

This is where the Retainer Cleaner comes in.

This tub cleaner retails for $69.99 at

It comes with a stainless steel handle and can be used for about two months and then it can be discarded.

It is water-resistant and will work for both dry and wet tubs.

There are a few different types of the Retaining Cleaner, depending on what type of tub you have.

Some have a little silicone inside the tube.

You can also see a small plastic nozzle attached to the end of the tube and the Retainers can be made with different colors.

The Retainers will have a different handle than the ones on the tube, so you can choose between one with a bigger handle and one with smaller.

You can purchase the Retainment Cleaner at Amazon or Home Depot.

It will cost you about $69 for a tub with a full handle and a Retainer cleaning retainer.

It also comes with three plastic filters, a stainless blade, a screwdriver and two disposable containers.

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