Iyers cleaning supplies get rave reviews, including grout cleaner

Iyers cleaning supplies get rave reviews, including grout cleaner

Grout cleaner Myyers® is now available at stores in New York and Los Angeles, and online.

The company announced Monday that its Myyers Cleaning System grout cleaners are now available in the US and Canada.

The grout cleaning system cleans grout from the inside out with a specially formulated, non-toxic cleaner solution.

The cleaner also contains a grout-cleaning enzyme that removes grout residue.

The cleaners are made with an ultra-pure natural ingredients, which is why they are made from the finest natural ingredients available, said Myyers. 

The new grout cleaners come in a range of sizes, and each has a cleaning capacity of up to 3 gallons, and a cleaning efficiency of over 80%. 

Myyers Cleaner Myyers is the only manufacturer of grout products in the United States that is recognized by the US Department of Health and Human Services for its excellent quality, safety, and efficiency. 

“With Myyers, our customers have access to a grouting cleaner that has the same cleanliness and efficiency as the best home grout systems,” said Myers CEO, John H. Kuehn.

“Our product line has been designed to help homeowners with the cleanest and safest grout removal systems available.

We know our products are as effective as any other home grouting cleaning systems.” 

Myers has partnered with a local cleaning company called Muddy Waters to offer the grout cleansers online, which allows the customer to choose a local local cleaning service provider. 

Grout cleaner sales increased 17% in the second quarter to $4.5 billion.

The majority of sales come from the U.S., but sales are also increasing in Europe and Asia. 

In addition to Myyers cleaning systems, Myyers products include grout wipes, grout lather and grout soap, grouts mop, grouting scrub, and grouts cleaner. 

You can find Myyers cleaner products at Myyers retail stores and online at 

Source: USA Today

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