Cleaner shrimp’s new home in new home

Cleaner shrimp’s new home in new home

A new cleaner shrimp has landed at the end of the driveway in the New Jersey suburbs of Brunswick, where the shrimp industry is booming.

Herman and Elizabeth Johnson, owners of the New Brunswick-based shrimp farm, said they were excited to welcome the shrimp to their house on Tuesday.

They said the shrimp’s arrival was a huge boost to the economy.

Hermans Johnson said it was their second cleaner shrimp to be shipped to the area.

It was the first time the shrimp were in New Jersey, Johnson said.

They had been shipping shrimp to New York City and Florida.

Hers is the fourth time that shrimp has arrived at the farm since October, Johnson told NJ Advance Media.

The shrimp were picked up in the early hours of Oct. 3 and were placed into quarantine for further inspection.