Samsung unveils new battery terminal cleaners for $50+

Samsung unveils new battery terminal cleaners for $50+

Samsung’s new battery terminals are getting a refresh with the company announcing it’s introducing its own.

The new chargers are expected to cost around $50 per charger, according to the company.

They’ll have two modes: one that uses battery power, and one that has a standard-mode battery, allowing users to recharge their devices with just a smartphone or tablet.

Samsung said that it plans to release chargers with both modes.

The company also announced that it has partnered with the American battery repair company GigaTech to develop an electric battery charging device, dubbed “GigaTech Battery.”

The device will use an electric motor that is powered by the battery itself, and will charge your battery as you charge it, with no additional batteries needed.

GigaPower will also supply the chargers, and Samsung said it will provide technical support for the charger itself.

The batteries are made by Samsung Electronics and are the company’s first products to include a charging port.

Samsung announced that its new battery chargers will be available in January, with more models to be released in the coming months.

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