‘This is what I would have done’: A ‘crazy, crazy man’ is a hero after getting a job at a carpet cleaning company

‘This is what I would have done’: A ‘crazy, crazy man’ is a hero after getting a job at a carpet cleaning company


— “He’s crazy, crazy, craziest person I know,” said Jim Harkins, a former employee at carpet cleaning firm Bissell.

“He is one of those people who has been there and done that.

It’s just so amazing to watch.”

Jim Harkens, Bissell carpet cleaning employee, is pictured in this undated photo provided by Bissell Corporation.

Harkens was laid off from the company after he quit.

He said he has not been able to keep his life as normal as he once did.

He now spends most of his time working part-time at a local pizza restaurant and sometimes has to stay home.

“I think it’s crazy that people like that have a job,” Harkings said.

“I have no idea why they do it, but it’s amazing that someone would want to do that.

You know, I’d be mad at them, too.”

Harkins is a retired carpentry inspector who moved to Bissell from nearby Detroit.

He says he was told to leave because his employer was changing their hiring practices.

He is now looking for another job and is planning to apply for a job with a local carpet cleaning contractor, Bissel said.

But that contractor did not immediately return ABC News’ call seeking comment.

Haklin said he was not surprised that Bissell was moving to change hiring practices because he said the company was already changing its hiring practices for carpet cleaning employees.

Hikins, who said he had been working for Bissell for nine years, said he did not know that his employment would be ending.

“They were talking about this (staffing) change, so I just kind of assumed it was because of some kind of change in policy,” he said.

“We were trying to do something to improve the business, but I think the company changed its hiring policies and that affected my job.”

Haklins was hired in October of 2016.

He was hired at the company to clean carpets.

Harkines wife, Jennifer, is the executive director of the local community garden.

Hinkins said he is currently cleaning carpets at the neighborhood garden and he would like to continue working at the home he grew up in.

Hassle-free and flexible”When I came into Bissell, I wasn’t sure what the job was going to be like, but now I feel like I know what the work is like,” he added.

“You’re not just cleaning the carpet; you’re actually going to do the job of the person who cleans the carpet,” Hinkins explained.

“There are people who clean the carpet and people who don’t.

They’re going to clean the floors.

There’s no reason for them to not clean the carpets.”

Hinklins says his job at Bissell is a huge relief.

He enjoys it, even though it’s still very stressful.

“It’s a challenge that I’m just excited about, just working,” he explained.

“When you’re in the job, you’re just trying to make sure that your family and friends and neighbors are happy.

It makes it so much easier to live your life.”

He said he thinks Bissell’s change of hiring practices has improved the lives of those who work there.

“There are a lot of people who would be better off just being out here cleaning carpots and they wouldn’t have to deal with all the stress,” he noted.

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