Dryer vent cleaner with cordless vacuum cleaning feature costs $10,000

Dryer vent cleaner with cordless vacuum cleaning feature costs $10,000

A cordless vent cleaner that’s meant to be a cheaper alternative to a dryer is selling for $10.8 million on eBay, a deal that comes just months after a $7.4 million listing for the same product on

The product, the Dryer Vent Cleaner, features a built-in vacuum cleaner.

The vent is also designed to be the same as the ones used by vacuum cleaners, meaning it can also be used with any vacuum cleaner model that has a built in vacuum cleaner, like the Panasonic HVAC unit.

The unit is meant to vacuum for 12 hours.

According to the listing, the dryer vent can be adjusted for either air pressure or temperature.

The seller says the dryers vacuum is also capable of cleaning floors.

The dryer vents are also the first cordless vacuums in over a decade that are rated to vacate a house for a full 12 hours without a plug.

It also has a battery-powered feature that can help power the drywall.

While there are a number of cordless cleaning products on the market today, they’re mostly expensive.

There are also a few that offer features that are not as high-end.

This dryer vacuum cleaner has all the features that make it one of the best value options available today.

In the past, cordless vents were typically designed to clean under the house, but that’s not the case anymore.

In some cases, they also have the capability to clean up floors.

Some have even been installed in homes as a home security device, although the device has been found to be too dangerous to use.

According the listing for this Dryer Vacuum Cleaner , it is equipped with a 3-volt battery.

The price tag on the listing includes a $10 fee for the dryest-cleaning option.

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