Why the Tories have to get serious about the drinking water of their constituents

Why the Tories have to get serious about the drinking water of their constituents

When the Tories were first elected in 2010, they promised a £1bn water campaign, but the plan went nowhere.

Now, they’ve said they want to spend at least £50bn on water projects across the country.

They’ve announced a £50m water campaign for the capital, Birmingham, as well as a £10m water scheme in the Midlands, and a £25m scheme for the north-west.

But what will it actually do?

The government has promised a $50bn water plan, but how much will that actually do in practice?

Will it actually make a difference?

The Government will spend more than £50 billion in 2019/20, but it will only do so if it manages to deliver an “absolute deliverable” on its water campaign promises.

It is also expected to spend more on the water sector than it has ever done before.

A further £25bn will be spent on infrastructure to improve the water supply.

However, the actual amount spent on the sector is not yet known.

Where will the money come from?

The money promised for the water campaign will be split between the two main water schemes, the Northern Powerhouse and the South West Water Hub.

The £50 million for Birmingham will come from a scheme called the Great Southern Water Scheme, which was established to fund projects in the city.

The government is also spending £30m on a scheme to provide water to Birmingham and Wigan, a water hub that will provide a much-needed supply for Birmingham and the Wigan area.

A third scheme will provide water for the region, known as the Waterway.

There are many other water schemes in the region as well.

Will the money be spent in a timely manner?

The scheme announced today is the only one that has been confirmed so far.

However the government has also committed to spend an extra £3.2bn over the next four years on water infrastructure, which will also be spent at a later date.

This money is expected to help meet demand for drinking water as a result of the drought, but will be stretched over a much longer period of time than was planned.

Where are the other schemes?

The Northern Powerhouses and South West Waters Hubs are two water projects that are also being announced today.

These projects will bring more water to the north of England, where it will be used to meet the needs of many people.

A £50million scheme will bring water to Sheffield and Birmingham, and £20m is also planned for a £20 million scheme in Wigan.

The Great Southern and Great Southern Waters Hub will bring £20million to Sheffield, while a £30million scheme is planned for the South East.

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