How to clean and retain your bathtub

Cleaning the bathtub and bathroom has become more complicated as technology and home remedies have improved.While some are using technology to eliminate odors and create cleaner, it can also lead to a nasty reaction from bacteria.This is where the Retainer Cleaner comes in.This tub cleaner retails for $69.99 at comes with a stainless steel handle and can be used […]

What to do if you’re feeling dirty

Did you ever have a cleaning wipe on hand that smelled like soap?It was only a matter of time until someone found it and started using it to clean your car.But is it worth the hassle?According to a recent study, the answer is yes.The cleaning wipes are a major part of cleaning systems across the industry and are helping us […]

When will the Colts finally start making money?

The Indianapolis Colts have made a habit of failing to make a profit, and this season the franchise is expected to make about $15 million less than it did in 2016.That means the Colts are on track to have $16.5 million in cap space.That would be about $2 million less in salary cap space than the 2016-17 team, which made […]

Car interior cleaning sponge

Cleaning up a car’s interior can be challenging.But a new car cleaning sponge can make the job easier.A new product from Mattress Cleaning says it’s designed to be worn on the head of your headlight.Mattress is a cleaning company based in Houston, and its product is designed to clean up interior surfaces, like the back seats.Mattress says the product is […]

Steam has a problem with its tile cleaning service

The Steam platform has an issue with its service for cleaning tiles, and the company is not saying why.“We are aware of this issue,” the company said in a blog post.“The issue is not affecting customers in any way.”Steam is currently working to fix the issue, with the company saying that “a handful of affected customers” will receive a refund.The […]

Iyers cleaning supplies get rave reviews, including grout cleaner

Grout cleaner Myyers® is now available at stores in New York and Los Angeles, and online.The company announced Monday that its Myyers Cleaning System grout cleaners are now available in the US and Canada.The grout cleaning system cleans grout from the inside out with a specially formulated, non-toxic cleaner solution.The cleaner also contains a grout-cleaning enzyme that removes grout residue.The […]

How to make homemade drain cleaners,handcrafted hand-held carpet cleaners,and professional carpet cleaning

You’ve heard the term DIY.It means taking something that you know and making something out of it.The best way to make a DIY is to make something you know yourself.So what are the basics of making a DIY?1.Pick your materials 1.1 If you’re going to make anything you’re not going to use anything that you’ve bought or you don’t own.You […]

Tile cleaner, electrical contact cleaner, and cleaner for mobile phones and tablets — all with zero toxins and zero harmful chemicals

Tech giant Microsoft has teamed up with a manufacturer of contact cleaner products to offer the cleanest, easiest, and cheapest electric cleaner on the market.The new Clean ContactClean is powered by the powerful BioClean technology, which uses microalgae and plant-derived organic acids to neutralize harmful chemicals and organic compounds that can harm your body.The cleanest electric cleaner available for use […]

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