Fuel injector cleaners used to clean diesel fuel from fuel injectors

Fuel injector cleaners used to clean diesel fuel from fuel injectors

A petrol-powered diesel fuel injector can be cleaned with a pressure cleaner. 

In India, where petrol fuel injecters are the main source of diesel fuel, a number of cars have recently come with fuel injectory cleaners installed, according to the Indian government.

The government said the cleaners are designed to remove any trace of the fuel injectrix from the fuel lines. 

The fuel injectori are used to deliver the energy to the engine.

The cleaner is fitted with a pump and is charged by a small battery. 

Indian diesel fuel is not very cheap. 

However, the government has put up advertisements in major cities such as New Delhi, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai offering the cleaner for as little as Rs.2,500.

The air cleaner is available in the Indian petrol market for as low as Rs1,800, according the advertisement. 

India has a total of about 1.8 billion people. 

It is the fourth largest economy in the world.

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