What to know about duct cleaning in the UK

What to know about duct cleaning in the UK

Duct cleaning is an important part of your home’s upkeep and can be a significant cost to your local authority.

Here’s what you need to know.

READ MORE The bill, however, is likely to be very high as the National Audit Office, the Government’s independent watchdog, estimates the cost to the NHS and the economy could exceed £20bn by 2025.

It also comes after the Government decided last month to introduce a £5m funding boost for the National Health Service (NHS).

It will also provide extra funding to the Scottish Government to support NHS funding.

Last month, the UK Government pledged £1bn to fund the refurbishment of NHS premises across England.

This is a major funding boost to the service and could see the NHS reopening across England by 2027.

The Scottish Government also announced last month it will invest £1.2bn in the NHS in Scotland over the next five years.

The Government said the investment would be made up of £5.7bn over the five years to 2020-21, £1billion over the six years to 2021-22, and £1 billion over the eight years to 2022-23.

The funding will help deliver a £1,000 increase in the standard of care for every person in Scotland.

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