Clorox cleaning products are on sale in India as a result of gun laws

Clorox cleaning products are on sale in India as a result of gun laws

A week after India banned the sale of cleaning products and guns in the country, India’s largest cleaning and cleaning equipment retailer has announced a nationwide rollout of its cleaning products.

Clorox said on Tuesday that it would offer its products to customers at all its stores across the country by mid-September, following the ban.

Clinics and clinics will be offering the products at a discounted rate. 

Clinicians are offering free cleaning kits for patients and cleaning supplies for residents, it said.

The nationwide rollout will help Clorax to meet the growing demand for cleaning products, Clorix said in a statement.

The company said its new product line will help reduce waste in the cleaning industry and save lives. 

It said it is already working with Indian government agencies to implement the government’s ban. 

Indian gun owners have complained of shortages of gun cleaning products as the country grapples with the spike in mass shootings and violence.

A ban on firearms in India has been supported by several international organizations, including the United Nations.

India has also seen several mass shootings in the last year, including one in which an assailant shot dead nine people at a shopping mall in New Delhi last week.

India’s government said on Monday that it had banned the import of all firearms, except for military-style weapons, to address a spike in gun violence.

India’s army has reported more than 8,000 murders so far this year, compared with 1,800 in the same period last year.

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