How to save money by buying low-cost cleaning supplies

How to save money by buying low-cost cleaning supplies

The average price of a household’s cleaning supplies is expected to hit $10,000 by 2019, according to a report from The Washington Post.

That’s an increase of $6,000 from 2019, but it’s still $2,500 less than the median cost of a home cleaning supplies store.

The Post also found that the cost of buying cleaning supplies has remained steady over the past year, while average retail prices for home cleaning products have been on a steep rise.

Here are six things to know about home cleaning: 1.

Cleaning supplies have fallen in price in the past two years, but are still expensive 2.

Most home cleaning items, including soaps, detergents, and conditioners, are sold at a discount, and some are offered at half price 3.

The most expensive cleaning supplies are for the biggest home appliances, like air conditioners and refrigerators.

A few items, like dishwashers, have gone up as well.


There are a few products that are more expensive than others, but they’re still worth the money.

Here’s a list of the best-priced products.


Soap 2.

Detergent 3.

Conditioner 4.

Laundry detergent 5.

Dishwasher detergent 6.

Shower head soap 7.

Dishwashers 8.

Shampoo 9.

Dryer 10.

Lotion and body lotion 11.

Bath soap 12.

Personal care products 13.

Baby wipes 14.

Face soap 15.

Body lotion 16.

Lamps and candles 17.

Locks and hardware 18.

Car wash 19.

Dishwashing detergent 20.

Household cleaners for the home and garden 21.

Personal cleaning supplies for pets 22.

Baby and toddler diapers 23.

Household cleaning supplies 24.

Dish detergent 25.

Soaps and body lubes 26.

Hair conditioners 27.

Household laundry detergent 28.

Hand sanitizer 29.

Dish soap 30.

Toothpaste 31.

Hand scrub 32.

Toothbrushes 33.

Household bleach 34.

Household dish detergent 35.

Household soap 36.

Household shampoo 37.

Household toothpaste 38.

Dish washing machine 39.

Household detergent for home and yard 40.

Household toilet paper 41.

Household paper towel 42.

Hand soap for the bathroom 43.

Hand cream 44.

Personal hygiene products 45.

Household vacuums 46.

Hand vacuum 47.

Household hair dryer 48.

Personal vacuum 49.

Dish towels 50.

Household wipes 51.

Household towels 52.

Household soaps 53.

Household nail polish 54.

Household waxes 55.

Household lint 56.

Household oil 57.

Household paint brush 58.

Household solvent 59.

Household lubricant 60.

Household hand sanitizers 61.

Household conditioner 62.

Household eye and ear drops 63.

Household disinfectant 64.

Household perfume 65.

Household lotion 66.

Household makeup 67.

Household bath and body products 68.

Household linens 69.

Household candles 70.

Household household towels 71.

Household vacuum cleaners 72.

Household dryer cleaning products 73.

Household shower head cleaners 74.

Household body wash 75.

Household shoe cleaners 76.

Household personal care products 77.

Household carpet cleaning supplies 78.

Household tile cleaning supplies 79.

Household shampoos and conditioner 80.

Household kitchen cleaner 81.

Household razors 82.

Household scrubber 83.

Household washable dish towels 84.

Household oven cleaners 85.

Household electrician cleaners 86.

Household stove cleaners 87.

Household microwave cleaners 88.

Household air conditioner cleaners 89.

Household washing machine cleaners 90.

Household bathroom towels 91.

Household socks 92.

Household towel holders 93.

Household shaving cream 94.

Household floss 95.

Household facial cleanser 96.

Household antiperspirant 97.

Household fabric softener 98.

Household baking supplies 99.

Household bed linens 100.

Household pillowcases 101.

Household sofa cushions 102.

Household mattress cushions 103.

Household furniture accessories 104.

Household tableware accessories 105.

Household rug accessories 106.

Household bookshelves 107.

Household flooring accessories 108.

Household dining table accessories 109.

Household appliances for the bedroom 110.

Household garden tools 111.

Household lawn mowers 112.

Household trash can accessories 113.

Household clothes for the house and yard 114.

Household toys for the backyard 115.

Household shoes 116.

Household clothing for the yard 117.

Household yard sales 118.

Household accessories for the living room 119.

Household lamps and lamps for the kitchen 120.

Household wall clocks 121.

Household light fixtures for the dining room 122.

Household curtains 123.

Household ceiling fans 124.

Household lighting accessories for bedrooms 125.

Household tables for the bathrooms 126.

Household stairs for the attic 127.

Household door jacks for the basement 128.

Household security alarms for the garage 129.

Household fire alarm systems 130.

Household water heating systems 131.

Household thermostats for the pool and spa 132.

Household fireplace bells 133.

Household remote controls for the office 134.

Household TV sets for the library and gym 135.

Household music players for the dance studio 136.