Hands-free steam cleaner for cleaning, drying

Hands-free steam cleaner for cleaning, drying

A hand-held steam cleaning device could soon be part of the life of most people, with a US company unveiling the first consumer version of a device that is able to do its job without a hand.

The Hand Cleaning Device, or HCD, is powered by a mobile phone-sized unit that is connected to the internet through Bluetooth and uses a small electric motor to deliver clean steam to a user’s hands.

This allows the HCD to clean, dry and disinfect your hands.

The device was developed by startup Green Machine Technology, which is based in New York and was recently acquired by US startup Vapego for $1.3 billion.

“We were inspired by a company in the UK who had invented a similar device for the home that we felt was a natural fit,” said Green Machine CEO and founder Nick Bierman in a statement.

“It was clear that this was something that needed to be available to the public.”

The company has been working on the device for about a year, Biermann said, adding that it will be ready for public beta testing in September.

The HCD can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet using a touchscreen, and it also comes with a variety of cleaning and disinfecting modes.

The company is currently looking for a US manufacturer to help them ramp up production of the HCDs.

The product will be sold through an app and on its own website, but Biermans company plans to add a second generation HCD as well as a cloud-based service for cloud-delivered cleaning and dispensing.

The new HCD will have a lifespan of up to five years, and Biermans company is hoping that it can be integrated into existing household cleaners.

The startup will also be looking to bring the device to markets outside of the US.

“The global market is huge, but there are still a lot of areas that are still untapped,” Biermaier said.

“With the ability to take care of the water and the air in your home and also in your business, we can really start to expand that horizons.”

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