Steam Cleaner Rentals: New York City’s newest carpet cleaner is here to clean the floors

Steam Cleaner Rentals: New York City’s newest carpet cleaner is here to clean the floors

New York, NY — A new carpet cleaner named TheCarpetCure is the newest addition to the Steam Cleaners family, with a new, larger size.

TheCepetCancerer’s small size and small price tag mean it will be available for rent starting today.

TheCarpetsCure was developed by Steam Cleaning in partnership with the company’s sister company, TheCordless.

It’s called the “steam cleaner” for a reason, as the device uses steam to clean carpets.

While there are many types of steam cleaners on the market, The Cepet Cures are the only one that uses steam, which is more energy efficient.

The CepeterCure will come in at around $50.

It comes in an elegant metal box with a steam-scented cloth handle, and is designed to work with any type of carpet.

The company says that the CepetryCure’s compact design allows it to fit in a standard kitchen drawer, making it a great fit for those who don’t have a large kitchen.

The company also says that TheCarcureCure has a lifetime warranty, and that The CepingCure can be returned to the manufacturer for a refund.

The CarchierCure comes in a small, white box, and will come with a lifetime guarantee, as well as a return policy.

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