You’ve heard of the ‘fancy cleaner’ and ‘shower cleaner’ but what about the other two?

You’ve heard of the ‘fancy cleaner’ and ‘shower cleaner’ but what about the other two?

In some cases, a simple spray of an expensive cleaning product can be enough to keep an odor at bay.

The products include cleaning spray wipes, cleaners, shampoo and conditioner, and many more.

But many people also need to buy a lot of products to maintain a good balance.

“It’s hard to keep everything clean because you’re not paying for everything,” says Sharon Lee, owner of The Shower Shoppe in Las Vegas.

She has two bathrooms that are both cleaned by a different company every two weeks.

“I don’t want to be a dirty laundry machine, but there’s nothing I can do to prevent that,” Lee says.

She says she uses a little less shampoo and some conditioner than others.

“That’s just because I’ve got two bathrooms, so I’ve tried everything,” Lee adds.

She also uses less of the spray wipes she typically uses, which are the biggest expense.

“If I have to buy one spray wipe a week, that’s $20,” Lee explains.

“My bills are always getting out of control.” 

In some cases though, the cost of cleaning may be more important than the product.

“The best way to keep a clean bathroom is to buy all of the products you need,” says Linda Zink, owner and director of the Beauty & Spa Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Zink has about 1,300 towels and soaps to keep her bathrooms clean.

She’s also a self-employed stay-at-home mom, so she makes extra money by selling her products.

“You just have to make sure that everything is clean,” she says.

“But if you can’t afford it, don’t go buying it.” 

Lori Pincus, owner/supervisor of The Beauty & Bathroom Center in Phoenix, Arizona, says that there are many factors that go into cleaning a bathroom, including the type of bathroom you use, the weather, and the people who live there.

Pincuses also knows that it’s best to wash with soap and water.

“All the things that I’ve read about shampoo and water, they’re not really that effective at cleaning the inside of the toilet bowl,” she adds.

“They’re not effective at getting rid of the soap residue, and they’re more likely to cause odor.” 

But there’s no denying that the use of shampoo and soap are some of the most effective ways to clean your bathroom.

“We’re using our shampoo and soapy towels and scrubbing with a dishwasher,” PincUS says.

In fact, she also uses the products she used to clean her bathrooms before moving in with her husband, who is a nurse.

“He cleans with the towels, so if we have to do anything different, he’s going to do it,” Pinchus says. 

“It’s a very different kind of thing.

There’s a lot more going on than just the shampoo and washing,” she continues.

“In some ways it’s even more complicated than just buying a bunch of products.”

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